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Shaolin Temple Cambridge Branch 
( Kung Fu in Cambridge)

Actually pronounced 'Gong Fu' Cambridge branch is the only school in the area to practice traditional form and training techniques

Dr Basil Hartzoulakis was encouraged by ShiFu YanZi to start teaching Shaolin Gong Fu in Cambridge as part of a drive to spread the benefits of the Shaolin culture in UK.

Basil has developed his martial arts and fighting skills for the last nine years following traditional Shaolin training methods under the guidance of Shifu Yanzi whom he met in London in 1999. In 2006 he was British National Champion in Sanshou (65kg) and since 2007 has been entrusted with running the Cambridge Branch of STUK. Basil started his martial arts and sports training in Greece. He studied Gong Fu there for 6 years and trained with a number of professional athletes in diverse sports disciplines, gaining extensive experience in a number of training regimes and injury rehabilitation

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If you are interested in fitness, Gong Fu, or Qi Gong Meditation

then Contact BASIL on 07891 645335 or register your interest by filling out the form here