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Shaolin Kung Fu - One to One Tuition

  PRIVATE 1 to 1 TUITION - ( 2 options see below)
  Shaolin Gong Fu - Basic Training & Fighting Applications     £400
  Shaolin Gong Fu - Basic Training Course     £250

2 options...

Option 1 - Shaolin Gong Fu - Basic Training & Fighting Applications
This 10 hour long course is for the experienced Martial Artist with the desire to learn more about Shaolin Gong Fu. After the course you will be able to incorporate elements of its philosophy and basic applications into your training. There will be 5x2 hour lessons. During the first hour you will experience the unique intensity of Shaolin stamina, strength, jumping and flexibility training. During the second hour you will focus on the practical aspects of the following five basic topics. Please note that this course is not available unless the teacher is satisfied that you possess the basic level of Martial Art experience and dedication required to complete the course.

  • Simple Punch, Combination of Punches (attack & defence)
  • Basic Roundhouse kick (attack & defence)
  • Side Kick (attack & defence)
  • Combinations of basic Punches and Kicks
  • Fighting Strategy
Place: Fawcett School, Trumpington, Cambridge
Time: To be agreed.
Cost: £400 paid in advance

Option 2 - Shaolin Gong Fu - Basic Training Course
This is a weekly rolling session suitable for any student currently attending the main class and wants to improve quickly, take part in competitions or get ready to pass the level exam in the main Shaolin Temple Branch in London. A detailed fitness programme and nutrition advice will be provided.
Place: To be agreed
Time : To be agreed
Cost: £250 for a 10 hour credit paid in advance



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