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Shaolin Kung Fu - Classes for Children

  CHILDREN CLASS - ( term lasts 10 sessions over the school term, cost: £60 - Maximum 8 children)
  SHAOLIN   GONG FU (Kung Fu)   LEVEL ONE   Time:   18:00-19:30

Note to Parents
Training in any martial art but especially Kung Fu is unlike any other activity your children will ever undertake. It requires the student to develop physically (Technique, Power, Flexibility,Stamina) and spiritually (discipline, confidence, self-awareness, control, respect for others and ourselves). For young children (6-12 i.e. the target students of this class) is impossible to devise a curriculum that covers all these areas.
This “Preparation”class will focus only on the following.

  1. Techniques
    1. 5 traditional stances
    2. 1 small form
    3. Correct Fighting Stance
    4. Hand and Leg exercises to prepare students for punching/kicking/defence movements
  2. Power
    1. Speed & Jumping Drills
  3. Discipline, Self-Awareness, Confidence
    1. 5 min Mediation/Relaxation to finish the class
    2. Breathing exercises as resting breaks

In all these areas we will use traditional techniques, games and mind-gamesso the children enjoy the class and slowly become accustomed to train at the level required to improve and get stronger and more confident.Every child is different so it is difficult to predict in advance how long it will take a student of this age to be able to move to the next level. In our experience 2-3 terms is the average. Children who progress well will be required to demonstrate to the teacher and their parents what they have learnt in order to advance to the next level. When children in the Cambridge class qualify to train in the “Foundation” class we will expand this note to cover the level. In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Best Regards
Dr. Basil Hartzoulakis



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