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Shaolin Temple Cambridge Branch 
( Kung Fu in Cambridge)


STUK was established  by Shifu Shi YanZi, a 34th generation fighting monk from the Shaolin Temple. At the age of 16 he joined the Temple, where he spent 15 years studying and training to become a monk under his master, the current abbot of the Temple.

Whilst at the Temple, Shifu Shi Yanzi studied and excelled in Chan Buddhism and philosophy, Qi gong and Gong fu. He practised the Qi gong forms of Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. In Gong fu, Shifu Shi Yanzi studied many traditional Shaolin forms. He became a master at the iron jacket and iron leg;  he was eight-time national Chinese and twice world champion in Sanshou (free style fighting). He was given the mandate to teach authentic Shaolin Gong Fu and run STUK by the abbot in 1997.

to visit the Shaolin Temple mother site please click this link www.shaolintempleuk.org


SHAOLIN TEMPLE, Songshan, China, Brief History

The Shaolin Temple was founded in 495 AD by a Buddhist monk, Ba Tuo, with the support of the Emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Situated at the Song Mountain, the Central Sacred Mountain, the temple was frequented by generals and Emperors and it is likely that martial arts were known and practised at the temple throughout its history. Bodhidharma (Da Mo), an Indian prince who became a Buddhist monk, arrived to the Shaolin Temple in 527 AD. According to the tradition he found the monks too weak to practise mediation and subsequently taught them external exercises and internal forms.

This tradition was expanded over the centuries and gave rise to the unique nature of Shaolin culture based on the combination of martial training with Chan (the Chinese equivalent of Zen) Buddhism. Slowly the art of combat integrated with the monks’ spiritual development and as the skill is refined, training becomes part of the practitioner’s progress in the Chan discipline. Violence is accepted within a moral framework and a monk cannot kill or use certain forbidden techniques.

The Shaolin Temple has suffered three major destructive persecutions and as a result most historical artifacts and documents have been destroyed. Fortunately official acceptance of the Temple came in the 1980s. The current Abbot Shi Yong Xin is working in strengthening the Shaolin reputation and bringing the various lines of traditional teaching back in the temple.


STUK is currently one of the biggest and the most successful martial arts schools in UK. Our fighters win national and international competitions, represent Britain abroad and fight in invitation-only tournaments against other top martial artists from various styles. Recently the TimeOut magazine voted STUK as the number 11 best gym/fitness centre in London, the highest ranking for a martial arts centre.